European Livestock supply chains criticize the Farm to Fork strategy

Nine paradoxes identified in the strategy proposed by the European Commission for the implementation of the Green Deal in the agricultural sector. The President of Sustainable Meat responds to EFA News.

Presented today live by the Brussels Press Club “The 9 paradoxes of the Farm to Fork”, the appeal of the European livestock supply chain to actively participate in the challenge of Farm to Fork sustainability. Born from an initiative of Carni Sostenibili, the Italian organization that brings together associations representing meat and cured meats producers, and European Livestock Voice, the organization that brings together European bodies in the livestock sector, the video was launched simultaneously in 7 European countries: Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Poland. An international and public message addressed to the members of the EU institutions who in recent months are working on the definition of the new programmatic plan that will guide the Union’s agri-food policies for the next decades. The video appeal highlights how, despite good intentions, the Farm to Fork strategy does not consider the current situation and the challenges of the livestock sector, which asks to be actively involved in the great green transition process underway. The paradoxes identified reflect misconceptions and prejudices surrounding the livestock sector in terms of the environment, health and the economy. They reveal inaccuracies in the understanding of many arguments.

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